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Last Hold!


Okajima, a senior at Toridesaka University who has dedicated himself to the sport of bouldering, is facing a crisis. With his graduation imminent, he is the only member of the bouldering club. It needs at least seven members to stay in existence. Determined not to let the long history of the club end at his generation, Okajima desperately solicits new students and, after a lot of hard work, manages to recruit six new members: Arai, Momoda, Takaido, Nakamichi, Kuwamoto, and Kawaguchi. However, with the exception of Kawaguchi, they are all beginners…


Ryoichi TSUKADA  (A.B.C-Z)
Hikaru IWAMOTO  (Snow Man)
Tatsuya FUKAZAWA  (Snow Man)
Shota WATANABE (Snow Man)


Namiwo Kawanami , Kenji Takami


Yukinori Makabe