Yukinori Makabe

Born in 1984, from Tokyo prefecture.

With ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS INC. In 2012, he won the Grind-prix at the Louis Vuitton Journey Awards with his short film The Sun and The Moon, and won the Audience Award with A Piece of Dogu at SSFF & ASIA 2014.

His first feature film I AM A MONK, was released in 2015. The film won the Audience Award at the Chicago Asian Pop-up Cinema and also the Platinum Award at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival.



【Feature Film】

Last Hold! (2018)  Director 

Shanghai International Film Festival 2018 Panorama Selection

Kenia International Sports Film Festival Grand Prix 

I am a monk (2015) Director 

49th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival Platinum Award

Chicago Asian Pop-up Cinema Audience Award


【Short Film】

HOME AWAY FROM HOME (2017) Director&Writer

Short Shorts Film Festival&ASIA 2017 


時ノカケラ(2014) Director&Writer

Short Shorts Film Festival&ASIA 2014 Audience Award

Vision of LIFE(2013) Director&Writer

Starry Night (2013) Director&Writer

Nestle Theater on Youtube

TOKYO SKY STORY(2013) Director&Writer

TOKYO SKYTREE 1st anniversary film 

THE SUN AND THE MOON(2012)Director&Writer

Louis Vuitton Journeys Awards 2012 Jury Grand Prix

From Three Hundred Million Light Years Away (2011) Director&Writer 

Yureni Yurarete Yurarete Yurari(2011) Director&Writer

Short Story Nagoya Grand Prix

【TV- Drama】​

Video Girl Mai (2019/TX) Director

Video girl AI-(2018/TX) Director&Writer

Odoru Daikuukou (2016/BS-TBS)Director 

Kano Uso Side Story (2013/CX) Director

Soup Curry(2012/TBS) Director&Writer

【Music Video】

Nogizaka46/Tsuyogaru Tsubomi(2016) Director

Le Velvets/Daiku Kanki no Uta (2012) Director

Funky Monkey Babys/Soredemo Shinjiteru(2011) Director


Martini(2013) Director&Writer 2013.2/6〜11 at Theater 1010